Online Label Printing / Web Printing / Supplier Labeling with TFORMer Online – Online label printing und supplier labeling for bar-code labels and industry forms! The perfect solution for distributed label printing and supplier labeling.

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With TFORMer Online you are able to create and print barcode labels and standard forms online. With this cloud service you can print labels immediately, all you need is a browser. Special software or label design efforts are not required.

TFORMer Online offers ready-to-use label templates grouped in categories: compliance bar code labels and industry forms like VDA, VDA-4902, VDA KLT, Odette, Galia, OTL3, ETI-9, Caterpillar Parts Shipping Identification Labels, AIAG B-3, B-4, B-10, GTL Global Transport Label, GS1 and DHL shipping labels are available.

For label creation the variable data can be provided in two ways:
– For a single label you can enter the data manually, generate the result and print the resulting PDF.
– For batch printing or for printing multiple labels TFORMer Online supports Google Docs spreadsheets connectivity.

In the later case the variable label data is stored row by row in an online spreadsheet. You do not need to re-enter variable label data in future printing sessions. Each row in an online spreadsheet corresponds with one label generated by TFORMer Online. The names of the spreadsheet columns match the data fields used in the barcode label template.

The label layouts used in this online printing service were designed with TFORMer Designer, the output of this online service is created with TFORMer SDK. The fully functional demo of TFORMer Online is completely free for private and non-commercial use. Please get in touch with TEC-IT ( ) if you need more information regarding the possibilities of TFORMer Online (e.g. Web-Service). We are glad to assist you!

Copyright: TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH, Steyr, Austria,

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