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JR: Hi, JR Ryan here from Chicago Suburbs Hangout Local, your guide to highly rated local businesses! For our audience, we have the company we interview include a special offer at the end of this video.

Today we welcome Jim Delaney owner of Speedpro Imaging DuPage located in Lombard, Illinois.

JR: Give us a little background to your business?

Jim: Speedpro Imaging takes beautiful images and turns them into BIG beautiful images. With our extreme resolution large format printing capabilities, we help businesses, institutions, and organizations of all types enhance their brands and communicate their message to their prospects and customers as well as to any internal audiences. We produce items as simple as an outdoor banner to as large as a building wrap. We also provide our customers with trade show or exhibit items like banner stands or pop-up booths. And, we create window, wall and floor graphics and can wrap anything from a Smart car to a semi-trailer.

JR: So Jim, tell us, what makes Speedpro Imaging DuPage business stand out as such a great large format printing business?
Jim: We’re committed to doing justice to the intent of the original image — which, prior to us producing it, has only been seen on a computer monitor. We pay close attention to the digital file and communicate any concerns with it to our customer to insure we understand if there are specific color requirements or image resolution issues we need to address before printing. We have saved many customers time and money by pointing out problems with their file that would lead to problems in the printing.
In addition to meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations for the quality of our product, we take good care of them. We provide quick responses to their quotes and questions, we communicate with them every step of the way to make sure we understand what their needs are, we work to find economical options that fit their requirements, and we meet our commitments for when the work will be done. I believe that’s why we get such positive testimonials and reviews which you can see on line or on our website ( From a technical perspective, we are only one of a small number of printers in Illinois certified as a G7 master printer. This gives us the capability to get the most accurate color results possible and certify it.
JR: As this is a competitive market, what do you do to make your business so appealing to your clients?
As always on Hangout Local we like to offer our viewers a special offer they can use for their business. Tell us what special offer you have for our audience
Jim: We will provide up to 2 free hours of design time for a large format printing project until the end of March 2014. That’s a 0 value
JR: Thanks Jim for a great interview.

JR: contact Jim at 630-812-5080, tell Jim you saw him on our video and he will provide you with two hours of free design for your printing project.

Till next time, thanks for joining us on Chicago Suburb Hangout Local.

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