DTG Large Format Digital Direct to Garment Printer “Bullet”

http://www.coldesi.com/dtg-bullet-production-garment-printer.html See DTG’s Large Format Digital Direct To Garment Inkjet Print in action printing 8 shirts in one run, carpet, & large towels. This printer can print ultra high quality direct to garment prints on both light and dark shirts.

Greater capacity and flexibility! Prints on products up to 24″ x 60″ and 14″ thick.
High volume production and easily the most simple to use wide format printer with flexibility that can not be matched!
The BULLET prints 4 large or 8 standard shirts in one pass with different designs or all the same for incredible flexibility and high production rates. Print beach towels, indoor flags, bags, canvas and more!

The loading platens are a breeze to use and equally registered to the same height ensuring accurate head and nozzle depths for superior detail throughout the entire print bed.

“Head Moving Technology” travels the entire length eliminating problems normally associated with bed or table only moving systems. The BULLET is a superior production system with an 8 color piezo print head and an auto adjustable bed height up to 14″ (350mm).
for more information visit http://www.coldesi.com/dtg-bullet-production-garment-printer.html


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18 thoughts on “DTG Large Format Digital Direct to Garment Printer “Bullet”

  1. Hello I wonder how much the printer, and tax to Brazil, Bahia Street New Rosary No. 13A, B Glebe neighborhood, Camaçari BA – CEP 42809110
    price, Technical assistance Ink

  2. The Bullet was a great machine, but the latest DTG Printers, the Viper, the M2 and the M4 are faster, with better quality output. Check out new YouTube Channel, ColdesiColman.

  3. I can get you one, but it wont be cheap. Around USD15,000 including delivery considering you're in the USA.

  4. Hello I am interested in this equipment and I would love to have a quote or in information on the price of the DTG in question

  5. Who makes the design before it is printed? I'm trying to find someone who can take an idea/design in my head and put on paper. Please help…

  6. garmentprinterink@com supplies ink for all garment printers including AnaJet, DTG, Flexi-jet, velociJet, MelcoJet, Neoflex and so many more. We only sell the industry standard DuPont INK.

  7. My need:
    Small DTG size & price
    Big DTG size & price

    Can I use sublimation ink by this printer? Also give me the head price. Pls replay me asap.

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