3d PRINTERS of Maker Faire 2016 Queens NY

3D PRINTERS!!! what a great time at the Maker Faire this year held in Queens, NY. this was the first time i attended a maker fair of this magnitude and only the second ever maker faire I’ve been to. while there were many incredible and interesting things to see, what caught my eye the most were the 3D printers….and of them only the biggest would so to get my full attention. this video is by no means a complete description of all the printers on display but simply a little glimpse of the ones i found most interesting

the biggest 3d printer on display was THE PART DADDY by See Me CNC. unfortunately the part daddy is simply an in house play thing. while it is functional it is not a production unit, just for their own use. the printer stands 16 feet tall and is quite a sight to behold, but the resolution is quite low, which i assume is the reason it is not an available model.

not to be out done the WASP guys had the 3MT on display which IS a production model 3d printer….and they also manufacture a 12m (36 foot) tall 3d printer that they unfortunately did not bring with them from Italy.

WASP: http://www.wasproject.it/w/en/3d-printers/

See Me CNC: https://www.seemecnc.com/products/partdaddy-large-format-delta-3d-printer?variant=14868652932

Form Labs: https://formlabs.com/3d-printers/form-2/

8020 extrusions: https://www.8020.net/


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